Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Get award-winning stuff on sale

Yep, that's right. Almost Human is included in the massive Ellora's Cave print book sale. It's about 70% off, which makes it a stonking $4.50.

(I don't do maths, or even its American cousin, math. Yes, I had to get my calculator out. No, I can't remember how to work out percentages. Don't blame me, blame my education. I usually do.)

Anyway, Almost Human is on sale for a big, big, discount. Get it, read it, tell your friends.


  1. By my calculations, that works out as £3.00736, which is pretty damn good! I'll be buying myself a paper copy.

  2. Yes, it is pretty good, isn't it? Cheaper, I think, than my authorial discount. Now to figure out the postage...