Friday, December 12, 2008

The pink tree

Because Jan asked to see it, and having just finished her book Fair Deception and really liked it, I'm disposed to post a picture for her!


  1. Oh, that's so pretty!

    And you are so clever and discerning!

    Glad you enjoyed Fair Deception

    (PS: word verification neexling - doesn't that sound like something that would scurry around a spaceport to you?)

  2. It does indeed! In fact, I'm sure there was a Neexling on board the Starship Voyager...

  3. I'm having memory loss--I know I saw a pink tree last year and thought of you. Did I actually follow through and send it? Sort of like I haven't yet on this year's Christmas prezzie but really REALLY will tomorrow? Or the next day? ... you believe me, right?

    Oh, and my word verification is Satti. Sounds like it could be your Neexling's name.

  4. ... a shorter tree, more of a fuchia than pinky pink... I almost want to remember trying to fit it in a box and having very little luck. Now this is going to drive me nuts until you reply. Clearly I need more to do.

  5. Like, for instance, taking a trip to the post office? I took yours there in the cold and the rain, and I'm ill, struck down with what would be flu if I was a man...

    Oh, okay. And you did send me the tree: it's been on my windowsill up here all year. Wait, isn't that supposed to be bad luck?

  6. "struck down with what would be the flu if I was a man..."

    So, you sneezed once? (Yes, clearly I've had ample experience with whining "sick" men. Wimps. Try forcing a nearly 10 pound baby through your ah-haha, then complain to me...) Oh, okay, fine, you're much tougher than me to brave the windy coldy rainy stuff you have over there in England.

    You can be tough. I'll be smart over here in Texas where we don't usually get any of that shivery white stuff. Of course it's well under freezing right now, which gives me an excuse why I didn't go to the post office today. Hee hee. I did box it up and address it, though!

    Now I've got a protag for Satti the Neexling--the evil Skagrusi are clearly plotting her downfall via word verification stalking...