Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thank God for the Internet

Because otherwise Christmas would not happen. Not the present part of it anyway. Or even the card part. I just ordered mine from Cats Protection, and consequently have a warm fuzzy glow about sending charidee Christmas cards. They have little black kittens on them that look exactly like Daisy, and are therefore almost like sending personalised cards. Plus, they get money for all the cats who need rehoming (I mean, I'd rather rehome the cats than buy the cards, but Spike probably wouldn't love me for it).

Also, look at where I was on Monday. I'm not one of the ones skating, BTW. Or, actually, maybe I am. Pick one. One that's skating really impressively, obviously. That can be me.


  1. You're obviously the one doing that really impressive twirl just out of sight.

  2. Yes. Just out of sight. That's me, camera-shy.