Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The cats' Christmas present

What I suspect they'd really like, especially Spike, is for the Demon Puppy to disappear. This is, of course, something with which I threaten the little horror all the time if she doesn't behave herself, but it doesn't seem to make the blindest bit of difference to her.

What the cats got was this: an electronic aquarium, with a moving panorama of pretty fish and weeds and shimmery lighting going round and round. I wasn't sure if they'd fall for it, but Daisy was certainly intrigued.

Of course, the more interesting present was clearly discarded wrapping paper and ribbons, as Jack is demonstrating. Next year, I'll just wrap up a load of tissue paper and trail it with ribbons, and that can be their present.

The Demon Puppy got a teddy bear. It's not pictured, because she ate it. But you can see her, above, sprawled on the sofa and covered in wrapping paper. The picture of a mis-treated dog, I'm sure you'll agree.


  1. That's, um, that's really... different.

    And doesn't demon puppy look very butter-wouldn't-melt?

    As for tissue paper and ribbons - bring it on!

    PS - my emergency Yahoo email account is working fine - dunno what's up with yours.

  2. The Demon Puppy always looks very butter-wouldn't-melt. Big brown eyes, floppy ears, anxious expression...she gets away with murder.