Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Too many mutha uckas

(Okay, I need to stop watching Flight of the Conchords)

Email problems sorted! Some bottom-feeding hacker changed my account to forward all my emails to him. Well, I hope he enjoyed all the special offers from Grattan catalogue, romance novel promotions, and Facebook comments on pictures of my friend's baby.

It's weird, because I'm just finishing After The Fall, and it involves an encrypted file that has to be hacked into.


  1. I just think it's scary when Real Life mirrors what I write. It happens surprisingly often too.

    Except when I write stories about people breaking into the big time, getting Hollywood options and winning the lottery, obviously.

  2. Kate was just writing a witty reply to Jan's comment when the phone rang with a squillion dollar film deal for one of her books. "We'll send Richard Armitage round with the contract," they said, "because he's going to star in it." Sure enough, he turned up looking especially gorgeous, and said, "While I'm here, will you marry me?"

    (See, I've written about it, now the Real Life mirror, please)