Friday, February 13, 2009

Empire: After The Fall by Cat Marsters

"No one hides from the Empire. They see everything, they know everything."

After the Fall, one superpower emerged to rule the whole world. The Empire knows everything about everyone, and no one can hide from it. No one except a psychotic vampire mercenary known as Carver, who has fought both for the Empire and against it.

On the edge of the Empire, a wave of Neo Puritanism has stifled Nalina, a fiesty shape-changer, into a passionless marriage. But when rebellion strikes and the terrifying, corrupt Emperor stakes his claim on Nalina, it's Carver she turns to for help.

But she's underestimated the rough soldier of fortune. Far from being a heartless bloodsucker, he's a passionate, loyal man with a dark and painful past. Escaping the all-knowing Empire for the drowned cities of the old world, Nalina's about to learn that passion can be found in the most surprising places.


  1. Brilliant! I'm off to watch it again...

    (or ingin, as the word verification calls it)

  2. Fantastic trailer. Great job, Big Hugs!

  3. Thanks guys! It only took me three days...sign of a mis-spent adulthood?

  4. Oooh, I can't wait! :) Great trailer!