Friday, February 20, 2009

Empire: After The Fall

It's out! Empire: After The Fall is now available for download from Changeling Press, at the bargain price of $5.49. Spread the word! Tell a friend! Get a pic! Do a blog: Heroes are over with!

Okay, ahem, sorry, I was listening to Dr Horrible again. Heroes aren't over with. There's at least one in my story. Apologies: I've contracted the dreaded lurgy again (AKA the cold I thought I'd got rid of in November) and my head is all fuzzy.

You can read an excerpt of After The Fall here, or you can buy it here. And you can gaze at the gorgeous cover art here:

And you can watch the epic video for it here:

And if you're Julie Cohen, you can read a copy of it for free, because you won my Worst Valentines Story contest! Congratulations, or maybe commiserations. I have many similar stories, especially of getting cards only from geeks (what is it? Do I have a special pheromone that only they can smell?). Thanks everyone for entering, and it's kind of heartening to know other people dread the postman on Feb 14th too!

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