Monday, February 16, 2009

Techie woes

Minnie the laptop is in critical condition, and has been since Saturday night, when she stopped responding to the mains charger. She's been unresponsive since yesterday. She spent Saturday crashing and freezing and being unable to boot up unless re-tried several times. She's a very sick little computer and I'm waiting anxiously to see if a) Acer have any ideas or b) I should just take her back to John Lewis.

In sympathy, my Walkman MP3 player has decided to stop connecting to my computer, which means I can't change/upload any new music to it. Very sweet, but not what you might call helpful.

Hah, look: Minnie took a nosedive on Valentine's Day. Still, that's not my worst V-day: the worst is probably when my cat, Candy, died. Cats beat laptops every time.

(got a worse story than that? enter my contest, below!).


  1. Oh, no! Poor Minnie! And Nymph was looking forward to meeting her on Wednesday. She's all powered up and everything.

    Maybe Minnie needs one of those scary battery transplants. Wish her all the best from us.

  2. I know, Minnie was looking forward to it too!

    But New Minnie will come next time. Bigger and betterer!