Friday, March 27, 2009

Because seriously...

...who sleeps in a coffin these days?

A little blast from the past there with the tagline from my first ever published work, She Who Dares, a snarky little vampire story. It, and the rest of the four Sundown Inc. novellas, are being repackaged and sold as a Collection from next week: ie, available as one download, instead of four. This represents a saving of over five dollars, and actually I think $8.99 for 75,000 words is stonking good value. And these days, I'm all about value, baby.

Paranormal investigations. Information, assassination, negotiation. No task too strange, no job too big.

Undead assassins are one thing, but for Masika the job turns tough when her latest target is the one man who tried to save her -- twenty-three centuries ago. For Magda, life is full enough with three small children and a job that brings new meaning to “full time,” but being a werewolf in love makes it just that little bit harder. Con may not be the world’s greatest wizard, but he’s just conjured a naked pirate queen on his hearthrug. And sex faery Aura has fallen in love with her best friend—but he and his boyfriend have plans of their own for her.

Sundown, Inc.

Because seriously, who sleeps in a coffin these days?


  1. Nice to see it coming around again (do you get more dosh too?)

  2. Well hopefully, yes! Sales have tapered off a lot recently--these books first release three and four years ago--so hopefully this will boost interest!