Monday, March 23, 2009

Free book!

Yes, I really mean it! But well, you need a Kindle or something that can read Kindle files (it's a mystery to me. I was going to say closed book, but that was too much of a cliche, even for me). You can read them on the iPhone or iPod Touch, I am informed (you need a free application from Amazon to do it).

But should you have a taste for the Kindle-ade, try a download of Still Waters: Book four of the Sophie Green Mysteries. Completely free!

And it's at #28 on the Kindle Bestseller List. #3 on the Mystery list!


  1. Darn! I don't have a Kindle!

  2. Me neither, Nancy: they're not even available in the UK. Still, by the rising rankings of Still Waters, it looks like plenty of other people do!

  3. I just finished Still Waters and it was a hoot. Your shameless promotion worked, Kate! I've already bought the other Sophie Green books for my Kindle. As soon as you (your publisher) makes Ugley Business available for the Kindle, I'll buy that, too! Cheers! Dorothy

  4. Yippee, Dorothy, I'm so glad you liked it! And I have no idea why UB isn't available's really not up to me and I suspect it has more to do with Amazon than the publisher! But I'll see if I can rattle some cages and remind people about it. You can buy it in other formats--I'm not sure but I think the Mobipocket format can be read on Kindle? Here's the MBaM link: