Sunday, May 03, 2009

Back, and new beginnings

So, I'm back from another lovely few days in Port Isaac, including a trip over to Padstow for the traditional and frankly bonkers May Day celebrations, which as far as I can ascertain are like Morris on speed, and seem to necessitate dressing up the Demon Puppy in a red neckerchief.
(I was going to upload more pictures, but for some reason my computer is having some sort of hissy fit over them--wouldn't read the memory card, and then when I transferred them via my laptop and a USB stick, wouldn't let me save the edited image (it needed to be rotated 90 degrees). Wouldn't let me save it anywhere, with any file name. I ended up screencapping it, copy and pasting, cropping and then saving as a totally new image, which is just ludicrous, and not a process I'm about to go through with half a dozen pictures of Padstow filled with umbrellas).

Anyway. Now I'm back, and I've spent the week thinking about a new story.

My attempts at publishing romantic comedy have, so far, been utterly woeful. I think maybe one request for a full manuscript has been the highlight. Therefore, for the last three or four years I've been concentrating on the stuff people will actually pay me for, ie paranormal erotic romance. And chick-lit mystery, but that's stalled recently due to the fact that nobody actually bought the damn books.

However, my romcom brain keeps ticking over. There are abundant ideas in my head for new stories about people who aren't vampires and who don't have to solve murders. One of these has been percolating over the last few weeks, and I really want to make a start on it. However, I find it very difficult to write something if I don't have the right beginning. It's like playing the first chord of a song: if it's not right, I have to start again before I can go much further. Occasionally, I can fool the story with a dummy start that lets me progress past the first few chapters, but quite often, as with one poor story languishing on my hard drive, I can start it upwards of a dozen times and still never get that first good, clean chord.

Either way, I need to get this story started, because it's burning a hole in my brain. How to begin? I really need that first chord...


  1. Aw, Demon Puppy looks so confused by his scarf.

  2. Glad you're back. How long did the neckerchief last before it was eaten? And I SO know what you mean by that first perfect chord!

    Good luck.

  3. She didn't eat the neckerchief, but maybe that's because, just out of shot, she was being offered a sausage roll.

  4. Cuteness!

    Hmmm, I suggest free writing, see what sticks? Does that help?