Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things to do

1. Finish City of Lust. Must be done this week. Even if I don't know what happens next. I can always shoot somebody.

(Er, in the book, not in real life. Things aren't that drastic)

2. Finish the Sundown International book trailer. Because the book's out on Friday! It's a re-release of the second group of novellas in the Sundown series, which actually includes some of my favourites. I've been having a lot of fun going back over them all while I make the trailer.

3. Get some insurance for my trip to RWA Nationals. It's been about three years since last time I left the country, so I'm a bit rusty on what I need to remember. Although with my amazing capacity for losing stuff, getting lost and injuring myself, maybe I should start thinking about insurance for when I visit the shops.

4. Pick up new sunglasses. Thanks to a great Boots Opticians offer I've ordered myself some new Lulu Guinness prescription sunnies. I miss the days when I could just buy a cheap pair from New Look for a fiver, but then maybe I should have listened to my dad when he told me I'd need glasses if I spent so much time reading in the dark.

5. Concoct some brilliant promotional ideas for RWA. Which can be achieved in less than three weeks. And will cost nothing. Or weigh very much.

6. Discover the whereabouts of my conference folder to take to RNA and RWA conferences. It must be in here somewhere.

7. Dust off Kett's manuscript and resubmit it. This book is driving me so nuts I keep having to leave it alone or I'll go mad and delete the whole thing. But now I've left it alone so long I can't actually remember what I've done to it...

8. Lose about 20lb. This might be achievable if I stop loafing off to drink cider, eat strawberries and cream and protesting that I can't do any exercise because I have a deadline.

9. Oh yeah, the deadline...


  1. Is the Sundown International book going to be a paperback? If so, sign me up for a copy!

    And yeah, I'm with on the weight loss. I'm cycling to work now and have somehow convinced myself this means I can eat more ice cream. I'm sure there's a hole in my logic somewhere...

  2. Well, theoretically cycling means more ice cream...but five minutes on a bike doesn't quite equal two pints of Ben & Jerry's. Dammit.

    And the Sundown book is an ebook collection--although the possibility of a paperback does exist, should the market pick up.

  3. You'll get a manilla folder at the RNA conf. Does that help?

    [word ver : matical ............... so who stole mathe?}

  4. 1) Write
    2) you want nutrition, ASK ME, you won't like it, but you will see changes
    3) I'm PRESENTING and I still don't know what I'm saying LOL.

  5. Ah but the thing about nutrition is I do actually know what to do, it's just actually getting round to doing it that's the problem.

    If I could put half the imagination I use in convincing myself that wine is part of my daily fruit allowance, into writing, well, I'd be a powerhouse.