Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A very worthy cause

The Smart Bitches are hosting a fundraiser in memory of author Edith Layton, who died recently. She was a huge supporter of animal rescue charities, and so they've set up a direct link to donate to her favourite animal charity. They're also keen on contributions to any animal charity in her memory. Now, I confess I'm not really familiar with Edith Layton's work, but I'll honour any excuse to give money to animal charities. After all, without them I'd never have had Honey, the Wonder Dog (are you listening, Demon Puppy? Big pawprints to fill). Or indeed Candy, my sweet shy tabby, or Sugar, my baby girl, or Spike, my gorgeous boy.

(Look into my eyes. Not around my eyes, into my eyes...)

Therefore, whether you're a fan or not, I urge you to donate to your favourite animal charity too. Hell, do you need an excuse?

(I donated to the Cats Protection League, where Sugar and Spike came from, in case you're interested).


  1. It's the Blue Cross Cats Home for me. All my furry ones have come from there.

    Except Merlin and Archer, of course, whose pregnant mum was dumped by the side of a busy road and who fortunately found sanctuary in my daughter's friend's cat-loving garden.

    People. I so don't understand them sometimes.

  2. I think my mum donates to the Blue Cross. We get so many animal charity letters I can't quite keep track. (The Dogs Trust try it on with me: hey, I've got a dog they can have!)

    One of my rescue kittens had been kicked around like a football; she'd lost siblings to toilet cisterns. How can anyone do something like that to a tiny, fluffy, adorable kitten?

    Like you said, impossible to understand.

  3. Our local shelters where we have gotten most of our four legged family members, those are the ones who I try to help out.

    And I don't get people who abuse animals. I really don't.