Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Absolutely normal chaos

So, today and the last few days I've been doing the same few things. Working on promo to take to RWA (which has to be done before I leave for RNA early Friday morning), finishing City of Lust (likewise), trying to get my damn phone to send texts to US numbers (er, not random numbers, but friends and people I'm meeting in DC) and attempting not to beat my printer with a big stick, because it decided yesterday that while I needed to print several hundred more pages, it was going on strike and was only going to print things with pink stripes all over them.

Now, I like pink stripes, but not on this guy, who features large in my promo materials.

Helping me while I tried to cut up bookmarks and make promo stands out of cardboard boxes and wrapping paper (I know, sophisticated or what?) was Spike. He likes stripy paper, incidentally, but isn't too keen on the stuff with stars.

As a result, my office looks like this.
Actually, that's the tidy version.

Right about now I think I need a glass of wine.

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