Thursday, August 20, 2009

The "Because I'm Always Late" contest

Yes yes oh yea, once again I'm a little bit late announcing a new book! The third book in the award-winning Empire series was released last week, but due to slight illness (me), near-death experiences (my computer) and not inconsequential lack of concentration (me again) I, er, forgot to tell anyone about it.

But lo! Here it is:

"Nobody hides from the Empire. They see everything, they know everything."

The Empress left behind the only man she'd ever loved to serve the Empire, and now she's dedicated her life to decadent pleasure.

The Revolutionary lost the only woman he'd ever loved to the Empire, and now he's dedicated his life to bringing it down.

But fifteen years ago the Revolutionary and the Empress were Jack and Angelica, and their passion burned with bright intensity. Has she forgotten what it is to love someone? Has he mistaken her real intentions towards him -- and towards the Empire?

In a harem in the steaming city of Carnalis, the Empress and the Revolutionary are about to turn the world upside down.

You can read an excerpt here, and if you receive my newsletter you can read two more excerpts here. If you don't receive it, then all you have to do is join my Yahoo group for an occasional email and lots of bonus excerpts.

And just in case your appetite isn't whetted yet, have a look at my book trailer. Did I mention I'd made a book trailer? Turn the sound up for maximum impact!

Got all that? Fancy reading it? Want to win an ebook copy? Then enter my contest! Fittingly, it's called the Because I'm Always Late contest and what you have to do to enter is this: tell me the best excuse you've either used or heard for being late. That's it! Just email me with City Of Lust Contest in the subject line, and next Thursday (27th Aug) I shall pick a winner.

Good luck, and happy August!

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  1. Slacker, now I have to go read it....with KITTEN claws in my right as I was typing that. OW.