Friday, August 14, 2009

In which I seriously contemplate cheating

On my computer, that is, with a Mac. Smug Mac users tell me they never get viruses, nothing ever crashes or runs slow or ever goes wrong in any way, shape or form. Ever. Unfortunately, a new computer of any kind is way out of my financial reach right now--I couldn't even afford the repair fee charged by Comet (who told me the problem was Malware, gave me a program to fix it 'if it happens again' and guess what? It's happened again pretty much every day since). Especially since my policy with electrical items is to buy the best available, in the sure and certain knowledge that something bigger and better will come out soon after, and I can therefore stave off obsoleteness for a little longer than if I'd bought something cheap and crap in the first place.

(Is obsoleteness a word? Don't care: too angry about computer breakdown to think of a better one)

What I was supposed to be doing this week was promoting City of Lust, which came out yesterday and which, ironically, features an all-pervasive society in which computers are used for evil. Gosh, wonder where that came from?

I had intended to make a book trailer for it, but can't even make still images since image editor keeps crashing. In fact, everything keeps crashing. It's the computer equivalent of massive organ failure, and it's being treated with paracetamol.

So, anyway. I can't make any fancy promo things to convince you to buy the book, but I can (at least, I probably can) post the blurb and cover. Ready? Let's see if we can still manage that.

"Nobody hides from the Empire. They see everything, they know everything."

The Empress left behind the only man she'd ever loved to serve the Empire, and now she's dedicated her life to decadent pleasure.

The Revolutionary lost the only woman he'd ever loved to the Empire, and now he's dedicated his life to bringing it down.

But fifteen years ago the Revolutionary and the Empress were Jack and Angelica, and their passion burned with bright intensity. Has she forgotten what it is to love someone? Has he mistaken her real intentions towards him -- and towards the Empire?

In a harem in the steaming city of Carnalis, the Empress and the Revolutionary are about to turn the world upside down.

Success! Okay, something's working today.

Is it too early for a drink?


  1. Have you thought about wiping the disc and starting again from scratch?

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