Sunday, August 02, 2009

In which I suffer computer problems

My PC is ill. Very ill. A doctor is coming to see it on Tuesday. Until then I'm working from Minnie the netbook, who isn't really conducive to large amounts of typing, and therefore blogging will probably be kept to a minimum. I'm also impatiently waiting to update my website, since both files and software are stuck on the PC.

I'm fairly sanguine about it. But as Zoe pointed out in Firefly, sanguine also means bloody.


  1. A doctor. Not the Doctor, then. Pity.

  2. What a pain. Last two times our PC stopped working I cried far more than any grown-up should. Hope you're back soon!

  3. *offers up big hugs* Been there hon. Actually, MS just ate a bunch of mail again too. Moving most stuff over to google out of sheer frustration ;)

    Hope it's a quick and easy fix!

  4. Best wishes to the PC!

  5. good luck. we just had to wipe ours again. it's frustrating.
    great blog. i'm following you now. you should pop on over to mine. i have all things books...
    nice to meet you.

  6. The computer's doing better at the moment--but it keeps relapsing. This had better be something fixable, because of all the money I don't have, very little of it is in the New Computer fund!