Sunday, October 04, 2009

Ugley Business is available on Kindle!

Yes! And it only took.... oooh, about a year? Hey, this is the Internet, where anything that happened more than five minutes ago is already Jurassic. Might as well have been a decade since I noticed the gap in the series.

But anyway! Ugley Business, the second of the four-book Sophie Green Mysteries series, is finally available in the format that the others have always been in: Kindle! So, if you were one of the sharp-eyed bargain-hunters who got Still Waters in the free giveaway earlier this year, and you've been wondering what came before it, now you can find out!

Oh yes, and I'm back from Cornwall. My Internet exile is over. My diet starts now. No more Cornish pasties, fish and chips, or pints of Tribute. Dammit.

ETA: On closer inspection, I note that Ugley Business is still not linked to any of the other Kindled books in the series. But it IS there. I checked.


  1. Hooray!!!

    About that diet - you do realise it's the Cambridge lunch next week...?

  2. Yes, I do realise! I shall eat salad the rest of the week!