Monday, November 30, 2009

Dawn Rising winner

Slightly late (apologies, I'm late for everything), here is the winner of the Dawn Rising contest. you guys thought up some great powers, but I really like Tracy D's idea--and the trigger is even better!

"I would like the powers of invisibility (is that a word???) My trigger would be each time I felt my pants were too tight… DAG, I would be invisible ALL the time!"

You know what? That's a power I'd like! And yes, invisibility is a word (at least it is in my dictionary). Congratulations, Tracy, your free download of Dawn Rising is on its way.

Meanwhile I've succumbed to the Beast of Christmas. You know, the massive time-sucking battle through the shops, trawling websites for presents you're half-sure don't exist, wasting working hours trying to think of a gift for someone you know slightly know but are still obliged to buy for, wondering how to stay sociable without turning into a drunkard or ballooning up like Violet Beauregard. This year it'll be made even more fun by the builders who reckon they might be able to start next Monday--start pulling down half the house, that is, before it's rebuilt.

Fun! Fun!

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  1. Thanks for the book!

    Tracey D (and her tight pants)