Monday, February 22, 2010

Can you help?

No, that's not Spike with a smudge on his face. That's Charlie, and he's about to become homeless.

Regular blog readers will know how devoted I am to all things feline. You'll also know that I live with three cats, two parents, and a demon puppy, and that the combined weight of these is what's stopping me from adopting Charlie myself. But if you or anyone you know could offer this gorgeous boy a home, please consider it!


  1. Part Maine Coon? More like part squirrel. :-) Looks like a total sweetie. Hope he finds a good home very soon.

  2. It's quite a tail, isn't it? My Spike looks like that when he's been playing in the chimney.

    I do hope he finds a good home. I'd absolutely love to have him, but I'm not allowed!