Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pink sheep and other issues

It's a bit embarrassing to admit when you're 28, but I've still to pop my cherry. Festival cherry, that is. Quiet at the back. This is something you can legitimately plan and pay for.

I said quiet at the back!

I'm going to Latitude!

Mostly because Florence & The Machine is headlining. Also because The Feeling have confirmed. And it's near Southwold so the beer should be good. And my best friend is a festival veteran. And I have an excuse to shop for all sorts of things I never even thought about. Tents! Wellies! Phone chargers! Shopping is always exciting.

Unfortunately it means camping, and I...just don't really do camping. It's the total lack of a bathroom that does it. I'm not a hygiene freak, but I do appreciate a flushing toilet.

So. Any festival tips?


  1. And the pink sheep...?

  2. Yes, the pink sheep. They're all over the Latitude website, but I'm, er, not sure what they're there for.

  3. Take lots of baby wipes. I cannot stress that enough. And supernoodles. Don't underestimate how appealing supernoodles become when the alternative is queueing for an hour to pay a fiver for a soggy sandwich.

    Of course, I refer to dirty, nasty rock festivals, and I expect Latitude might be slightly less grim.

  4. Supernoodles! I'll have to unearth an ancient campingaz stove but I do have a stovetop kettle. Mostly because I don't function too well until I've had my morning coffee.

    Latitude bills itself as very laid-back and middle class with a whole section devoted to yurts, but I suspect the whole toilet'n'shower question has yet to be resolved. Also that any food on offer will probably be a) organic and b) priced accordingly.

    Still. Ought to be an improvement on the usual outdoor fare of Burgers Burgers And More Burgers. Which is screamingly fun when you're vegetarian.