Monday, July 12, 2010

Before I get started

I've just come back from the RNA's annual conference at the truly splendid Old Naval College in Greenwich. I've had a really fantastic time, hung out with some really wonderful people, and now I'm really tired. So tired I just used the word 'really' three times in a sentence.

I'll attempt to blog about it over the next few days, before I disappear off to Latitude on Thursday, but before I do I want to make a quick announcement: that on Liz Fenwick's recommendation I've changed my Twitter username from the untypable @etaknosnhoj to the hopefully-easier-to-remember @K8JohnsonAuthor. All other permutations of Kate Johnson having already been taken by Kates faster on the uptake, and character length being restricted, I thought I'd play on my usual signature of K8.

So, if you go to you won't get much, and neither will typing @etaknosnhoj (if you ever could!). But you'll still be on my friends list and you can reply to me as normal by just clicking on or typing K8JohnsonAuthor!


  1. Oh, I'll go follow you under your new twitter name then!

  2. That one will be MUCH easier to follow :) Although, I'll always follow both. LOL. You can send out special messages to your first set of fans/friends ;)

  3. It should alter automatically, so if you used to follow etaknosnhoj you'll now find yourself following K8JohnsonAuthor without doing anything!