Monday, August 23, 2010

Title, title, I need a title

So, I'm finally working on something for Changeling Press, and I have my story and my characters and my backstory and my episodes of Spartacus: Blood & Sand (for inspiration, ahem) and my research into Proto-Celtic, but what I don't have is a title.

Something with Warrior in it might be good, since that's what one of the characters used to be, before he was taken captive by the Romans, forced into the Gladiatorial ring, and cursed to live forever as a sex slave to whoever wears his torc.

But somehow, Sex Warrior doesn't have the ring I'm looking for.


  1. OOh, sounds like a great read!

    Sadly, I'm pretty rubbish at titles, but could you get bonded, or bound in there somewhere with the warrior?

    Or bondage even?

    Am blushing at the thought...

    Lots of love,


  2. Hmm, it's not really a bondagey kind of book (I've tried to write those, and failed miserably!) but I suppose he is bound in the sense of an obligation.

    Although, 'Unbound' might work...

  3. how about Carnal Champion? too much alliteration?

  4. I'm not sure I can even think to type this comment properly after that photo! Pwoar!

    Um... I dunno. My mind's gone blank.

  5. Couchbarnacle, I quite like that one!

    Talli, I know: why do you think I faithfully watched every episode?

    (Sometimes they were wearing even less than that, too...)

  6. I'm new here, *waves* nice to meet you...and your Sparticus hunks. :)
    Coming up with a perfect title is the most difficult part of writing for me.

    Good luck,

  7. Anonymous3:28 am

    How simple is Warrior's Torc?

  8. Never mind the title - just send one of them over, okay?

    Warrior Unleashed ?

  9. They are excessively pleasant to look at, aren't they?

    Thanks for the title suggestions guys, it's always good to brainstorm a little: jogs loose a few ideas!