Sunday, August 08, 2010

Well, maybe I'm a bit odd

It's been suggested that my crush on The Master from Doctor Who, as portrayed by John Simm, is a bit odd. Why odd? Because he's a nihilistic psychopathic cipher for a bunch of megalomaniacal time travellers and he wants to destroy, let's face it, David Tennant's Doctor? Is that odd?

Well, if you put it that way.

But we may have established that I have a slight problem with psychopaths. I mean look at Spike. I named my cat after him. And when James Marsters (the actor behind Spike) turned up in Torchwood as Captain Jack's former 'partner in every way', with his inability to decide if he wanted to kill Jack or snog him, well, my Crushometer went up to eleven.

Of course, this isn't the sort of guy I'd like to meet in real life. But to write about, he's fascinating. That's why I keep coming back to Striker in the Realms universe. Charming, smart, very sexy, able and liable to kill you with very little notice and for equally little reason, he's absolutely fascinating.

Oddly, I've just realised what these men all have in common is the same colour hair. Peroxide as an indicator of psychopathy? Hmm...


  1. Um. Yup. Odd.

    But your Striker does have redeeming features. He showed definite embryonic care-tendencies towards Chance in Almost Human.

  2. Yes, and it only took him until she was actually dead to show affection for her.

    There's a James Marsters quote about Spike that fits a lot of these characters: "He's a monster, but if he likes you he'd be your monster, and he'd protect you above all things." I like that.

  3. I was going to point out the blondiness too.

    But mostly I'm here to stare at John Simm. Mmmmmmm...

    In other words, I totally understand.

  4. Well, if you're odd, so am I, because I always root for this kind of character in films and books, and my own novels are littered with loveable psycopaths who enjoy cutting their own eyes out, and whom readers always tell me they liked best.

    Maybe we're the crazy ones?

  5. Yes, he is looking pretty lickable there, isn't he?

    And I think we're perfectly normal. It's the rest of the world who's mad.

  6. Give me a lickable psychopath any day.

    J x

  7. Psychopaths are totally hot! Couldn't agree more. It's probably due to the fact that if you were the one woman in the world to get them on your side, they'd protect you like a maniac forever, and you'd, like, feel all special or whatever.

    Though back in reality, I kind of doubt that Riddick, The Sheriff of Notingham, or Lore from Star Trek would do anything more than flick out my eyeballs, if they ever met me.

    But oh, I'd die happy and without my eyeballs. Probably.

  8. Jude, I'm glad we're on the same page.

    Charlotte, was Lore Data's brother? It's been a while since I've Trekked.

    And it depends on which Sheriff, but while we're on the subject if Richard Armitage's lean mean and vicious Guy of Gisborne should turn up at my door I'd have him handcuffed to the bed before he could finish threatening me. Sigh...

  9. He was indeed Data's evil twin brother! Yum.

    And I love Alan Rickman's Sheriff, but oh, Guy...

  10. Aha! All those years of TNG have not failed me!

    And...well...really, I'd take Richard Armitage in any damn role at all. Have you SEEN that man?

    He doesn't even have peroxide hair!

  11. What do you mean, 'maybe' you're odd? :)

  12. Everyone has strange crushes. I fancy the woman in the corner shop. She's like 59 and has a gammy eye.