Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So, that was 2010

In a way, I'm glad it's over. Mostly because I never got the hang of typing 2010 and keep making it 1020 instead, which I'm sure you'll agree isn't a year I can talk about with quite as much authority.

This passing year, however, has been pretty cool. I could do a Bridget-Jones style tot-up of all the calories eaten (but I can't count that high) or alcohol units consumed (ditto), boyfriends lost and won (both zero) or miles travelled (oh, who cares?) but in the end I'm just going to do my highlights of the year. Because who cares about calories with highlights like these?

February: Finally published Mad, Bad & Dangerous, AKA The Book That Will Kill Me. It didn't kill me, although it took several potshots, and I've had some pretty good feedback about it considering it's a book about a feckless psychopath and a snarky shapeshifter.

May: The arrival of Jemima! Yes, my sweet, pretty, mercurial, incredibly violent little Jemima. Curls up with a purr one moment, next she's trying to introduce as much of your blood to the outside world as possible. And people ask me where I get the inspiration for my characters from!

July: The RNA conference in Greenwich. Well, where to start? So many wonderful people, both old friends and new acquaintances. An incredibly beautiful setting. Those shoes. Lots of wine (see above re: alcohol units). Meeting with my future publisher. Which brings me to...

September: Choc Lit make an offer on The Untied Kingdom. Regular readers will know how much I go on about how much I love this book and it's all true, I adore it and I'm so happy Choc Lit want to publish it.

December: The Untied Kingdom cover. Yes, it counts as two separate things. I love it that much.

Of course, I haven't included: RNA parties and lunches, the Latitude Festival, Crowded House & Florence + the Machine gigs, visiting the BBC, the new Doctor Who, Sherlock, hospitality at Wimbledon, an EPIC nomination, my new Kindle, so many fabulous new books I couldn't possibly enumerate them all... because then I'd be here forever!
So, how's it been for you?


  1. What a fantastic year! 2010 has been good to me, too.

  2. So so so so so pleased for you this year! :) :)