Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First review for Dreaming of You

From Just Erotic Romance Reviews:

Dreaming of You is a highly entertaining, erotic and romantic tale about two people who loved each other a long time... The love scenes they conjure are quite magnificent, highly passionate and kinky especially when Tam joins them in the fun. I found myself enjoying the humor Matt and Tam get themselves into, which had me giggling out loud. Getting into Matt’s train of thought was quite comical, making him a more lovable character. I thoroughly enjoyed that the story wasn’t just about Tam’s torrid past but about Amy, Matt and Tam’s present... I thoroughly enjoyed unraveling this entertaining tale which will occupy my thoughts for the next few weeks. The emotional aspect was definitely heartfelt and the comical aspects, sensuality and romance in Dreaming of You definitely set the ambience to entertaining.

Which is nice.

Dreaming of You is available from Changeling Press in all popular ebook formats.

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