Wednesday, April 06, 2011

My first radio interview

Those of you in the Cambridgeshire area might like to switch on your wireless sets this evening at about 7.20pm to listen to me talking to Sue Marchant on BBC Cambridgeshire about The Untied Kingdom. I believe you'll find it on 95.7-96.0 FM. Those of you not in the Cambridgeshire area can listen online at the BBC website, and in fact I think you can use the Listen Again feature to play it back for the next seven days. So that'll be fun.

In case you were wondering, yes, I am terrified as I've never done anything like this before--you're going to be listening to someone who's not even very good at talking on the phone. So turn on and tune in, because this could be an absolute car crash!


  1. As a rule I'm not a radio person - but this sounds like it might be worth tuning in for :D

    I'd tie a knot in my hankie to help remind myself that it's on later.... if I had a hankie...

    Good luck with it all!

  2. All set and ready to go?!!

    Listening to Sue now, online player at

  3. That was great! :D

    I'd have got the fear and made a total mug of myself but you were a pro! Great interview... Even the couple of questions tossed in from Sue to throw you, lol. "Is there marriage?" (lolwut)

    and "does she stay there or come back?" (Sue, just no)

    Can't wait to get a copy now!

  4. You were very good!