Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Run Rabbit Run

So, you know how I teased you with the possibility of a new book contract? Well, I've just signed it. It's with Choc Lit, for Run Rabbit Run, a brand spanking new Sophie Green Mystery.

When Luke Sharpe’s phone rang in the invisible hours of the morning he knew it was one of two things. Either work, which meant some sort of crisis, or Sophie, which meant some sort of crisis.
Straightaway, sharp-eyed readers will note something a bit different there. Yes, we're hearing from Luke for the first time. The book is written from both his and Sophie's point-of-view. That was a bit weird, because I thought I knew him pretty well, but it's amazing the stuff you figure out by just, well, writing.

More details will follow, as soon as I have them. To celebrate, let's have a picture of Michael Fassbender.


  1. I'm so excited to hear this! I just devoured UnTied Kingdom and all 4 Sophie Green's over the past 2 weeks and have been meaning to write you a great big ol' email of introduction and priase...which I just might get around to doing tonight! In the short term, know that I love your books and am excited to see Choc Lit bringing SG on board (and sad I wasn't one of the lucky Tasting Panel members who got a sneak peak of RRR!) More soon,

    Your new fan
    ~Rachel Daven Skinner

  2. Excellent stuff, K8!

  3. Great news!
    And I love those lines. :-)

  4. That's fantastic, Kate! Massive congrats! xx