Monday, August 15, 2011

Your Cat magazine

Today is the 15th August, which means that the new edition of Your Cat magazine is now out in stores, and you should all go and buy a copy. Not just because it's a fab magazine with lots of advice, information, and utterly adorable pictures of cats, but also because my short story, The Treasure of Lady Margaret, is in it! Featuring treasure (well duh), cats and ghosts. See?

My story in Your Cat magazine, with My Cat in the background!
(for those of you wondering why Spike is sitting in front of a prison door, I'll explain. It's actually a babygate, which the cats can jump over but the Demon Puppy can't get past. This is important, because on the other side of it is the only room downstairs with just one door (the others all lead into each other), which means the chances of said Demon Puppy getting in there are much smaller. Therefore, it is the room in which the cats are fed. Since my cats enjoy a running buffet of biscuits and sachets of gourmet delights, as well as little treats of turkey ham (Spike's favourite tipple), cheese, fish, chicken and whatever other little morsels take their fancy, we keep food there for them all day long. Yes, we did try feeding them at certain times during the day, but have you ever tried marshalling four cats into one place at one time, while keeping a ravenous Labrador cross out of the way? I tried telling them, "This ain't a buffet, Kit," but cats are notorious for not listening to a damn word you say.)

(and yes, that is a quote from Pretty Woman. I don't know why.)

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