Monday, September 05, 2011

A slightly big occasion

If you've been following my twitterings lately, you may have seen that my brother got married last week. As he's my only sibling, it was quite a big occasion--as Monica & Ross Geller's parents put it, "It may be the only wedding we get to throw." (But that's just because Richard Armitage hasn't met me yet).

So last week was pretty busy, as alongside all the last minute preparations we also had various family members staying, and isn't it astonishing how the house that seems perfectly clean and tidy when you live in it seems like a pigsty when you contemplate other people seeing it? So, apologies for my absence, and to make up for it let me show you the fruits of all that preparation.

I'm calling this the Reservoir Dogs photo. My brother Richard is the really blond guy leading the pack

Richard and his henchmen--I mean groomsmen

Signing the register

Bride and groom leaving the registry office. I imagine they're still finding trails of confetti now.

My new sister-in-law and I!

Carolina and Richard, the bride and groom

Don't they make a lovely couple?

And why are they smiling so much? Apart from the obvious. Well, see below...

...because this was their wedding car!

Carolina at the reception

Richard and his groomsmen Alex, left and Dan, right

Richard and some unknown blonde. Oh right, that's me.

There were many shots like this

Carolina with her flowergirl and pageboy

Me doing my Bel Rowley act and holding court with the boys

The card basket wot I decorated. The most important item, I'm sure you'll agree.

My dad making a speech-that-wasn't-a-speech-but-a-rather-long-toast
 If you want to know why I'm laughing here it's either because my dad has just implied Richard only wanted to get married so he could drive the Aston, or because the whole speech was being soundtracked to to a twinkly music-box tune, as minutes before, the flowergirl had opened her present of a music-box, and none of us could quite figure out how to shut it up.

Cutting the wedding cake

The cake. Which I decorated (pauses for applause).
 The cake was actually a cheesecake. By which I mean it was made of cheese.  Well, who wants to be traditional?

And shoes. I know you wanted to see them

There. Worth taking a week away from blogging, yes?


  1. Anonymous8:28 am

    What a lovely post. Thanks for sharing your brothers special day. You looked fabulous and Kate, those shoes! I HAVE to have them!

    ...not sure when I'd wear them, but they would look good in my spare room with my other shoes...


  2. Fabulous, K8! I love weddings - people always look so happy. And chuckled at your dad making his rather-long-toast to music box accompaniment.

    It all looks beautiful, esp the card-basket, cake and your shoes.