Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cover for Run Rabbit Run


Yes, here it is, the one we've all (well, I have) been waiting for! We've been through quite a few incarnations: photographic, cartoon, silhouetted figures; dark and gritty, pink and fluffy... but I think this, the final version, is perfect. Just the right blend of sexy, fun, and dangerous.

What do you think?


  1. Gorgeous!! I agree with you, it's a great combo to evoke 'sexy mystery'.

    I'm very surprised it doesn't say anything about being part of the Sophie Green series though... Seems like that would confuse new readers who won't realise this has a huge backstory, as well as long-standing fans who won't know this is the next book.

  2. Interesting point, Rach; I suppose it would have made the cover a little too busy with the tagline already there. It might go into the blurb. But with the first four being with another publisher it might be a bit thorny!

  3. libby5:10 pm

    i luv it i love kate as well (in a hero way of corse) but i really should not be writing this as i am only 11 but i luuuuuuuv the cover it is soooooooo cool so fun i bet the book its self will b much cooler though :)