Monday, January 09, 2012

New year, new book

Happy new year! Did you have a good Christmas? Stayed at home, did you, or...oh yes, and how is your sister? Mmm-hmm, oh dear. Well, it's going around this time of year, isn't it? We've all had it too. Did you do anything for New Year? No, fairly quiet one this year, a few drinks then I went to a friend's. Yep, of course I had the traditional hangover! Went for a lovely walk in Southwold the next day though. Great way to start the year.

I was going to post over Christmas, except that a) the above pretty much comprises every conversation I've had over the last couple of weeks, and b) that's a lie, and I wasn't. Too busy eating all those fiddly little canap├ęs you only get at Christmas and drinking my own body weight in wine.

But here it is, the first full working week of 2012 (last week didn't count. Monday was a Bank Holiday, remember?) and I've a reprieve from edits on Run Rabbit Run for now, so I'm sneaking in a little bit of work on my WIP.

This is the title-less epic fantasy known in Narnia-ish fashion as The Warlord, The Blind Slave, And The Dog Called Brutus. That's not its real title, of course. It doesn't have one yet. I might call it The Impossible Tattoo, but then again I might not. It's a story about Krull the Warlord: scourge of the seas, terror of the Empire, and maker-up of words. Well, that's how his best mate describes him, anyway. It's a story about a blind slave who has had everything stolen from her: her freedom, her own will, even her name. And yet she's about to become the most powerful woman in the world. And it's a story about a dog called Brutus, who may or may not be a wolf. Okay, it's not about Brutus, but I still think he's pretty cool.

So, what are you working on?


  1. Can't wait to read about Brutus (based on Demon Puppy at all....?)

  2. No, not at all: Brutus is a good dog, you see. Or possibly a good wolf.

    I've just looked at the spam filter here and it's 'dogier'. Weird!