Tuesday, July 17, 2012

RNA Conference 2012

So I've just got back from Penrith--well, actually I got back yesterday, but I spent most of the intervening time catching up on sleep, having utterly failed to get to bed before midnight on any of the four nights I was there. I didn't quite hit the highs of the two 4am, oh-god-those-are-birds-singing moments from last year, but there was at least one 3am. I blame those fabulous kitchen parties. You all know who you are.

Anyway, sleep-deprivation notwithstanding, what did I come away with from the conference?
Photo by RF Long
Well, lots of books, obviously, and a suitcase containing an unnatural number of shoes. Aching calves from Morris dancing on Sunday and wearing heels all weekend (some of which are displayed on the RNA blog. Try to guess which ones!). A renewed love of Pixar films. A mildly sore throat from talking and laughing way too much. New friends. More time spent with old friends. A reinforcement of my geek credentials when I told the conference that the book I couldn't live without was Joss Whedon's Serenity: The Official Visual Companion. A reputation for leading RoNA winner Jane Lovering astray (note: do not discuss Fifty Shades of Grey with someone known for making ad-hoc speeches which often include mentions of bodily functions, shortly before she makes an ad-hoc speech). A mental list of books I want to read. A renewed love for the books I've written, and am writing. A fabulous time.

Why isn't it July 2013 yet?


  1. It was a fabulous weekend, and so nice to see you again! Even if you did lead me astray (sooooo your fault...) Bring on Sheffield! (Er, that's next year's RNA Conference destination for anyone reading this and thinking I am advocating fronting up to an entire south Yorkshire city).

  2. No one will ever believe that I wasn't the one to bring up the subject (shakes head sorrowfully).

  3. Anonymous6:34 pm

    I don't think kitchen party attendees can be blamed for the 3am. I think we were innocent victims of you making us sit and chat and drink wine. Yep - have arbitrarily decided, that was your fault ;)

  4. I'd blame it all on Kate because she kept me at a kitchen party last year ;)

  5. Oh yeah, blame me, I kept forcing that wine on you. Poured it down your necks. With a funnel. There's no photographic evidence...

    (er, there isn't any photographic evidence, is there?)

  6. A lovely post, Kate. Such a shame we didn't get more time to chat.

    There's always next year...

    Lucie xx