Friday, September 07, 2012

We could even answer that universal question: why?

Generally speaking, by the time someone tags me in a meme, everyone else I know has already been tagged. It's a bit like school sports in that respect. So instead of tagging a random load of hapless bloggers with the Why meme Jane Lovering so kindly bestowed on me, I'm just going to answer it, and let anyone who wants to meme themselves (sounds dirty) do it. Mm-kay?

Here are the 'whys' I'd like the answers to.

1. Why are the most annoying songs earworms? And why, when you politely ask someone to stop humming it because it's driving you demented, do they do it louder? (there is a law that says you're allowed to attack them with whatever comes to hand at this point, right?)

2. Why do totally random shoes hurt? Not just the showy stilettoes, but sneakers, or Birkenstocks? Why don't they label them thusly?

3. Why the mosquito? Just...why?

4. Why does 'why' have an H in it?

5. Why can't I think of any more questions?

Tomorrow I'm off to the Olympic Park (which may answer no.5: I'm too excited to think properly!) to watch the last three hours of Paralympics Athletics. I shall take my camera, so you may expect many pictures of the stadium, mascots, me kowtowing to Oscar Pistorius and Jonnie Peacock, crying "We're not worthy!" etc. Toodles!


  1. Thank you for meme-ing, Kate! I had to tag you, I don't know many people who blog (or, at least, whose blogs I follow). And I quite agree about mosquitos. Can malaria not somehow evolve to be transmitted by elephants, or something?

  2. It'd certainly be easier to avoid that way, wouldn't it? Although I'd feel ever so bad for the elephants.