Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Impossible Things

Exciting news: today I posted off the contract for my next Choc Lit book, Impossible Things! This is the book formerly known as The Warlord, The Blind Slave, And The Dog Called Brutus (but try fitting that on a book cover), and that basically describes it. Unfortunatlely, the operative word there is 'basic', and I've been trying to find a better way to explain it.

Krull the Warlord: scourge of the sea, terror of the Empire, and... actually quite a nice guy who reads bedtime stories to his kids. One of the elite Chosen, a Warrior whose power comes from the gods themselves, he's horrified to find a blind slave with the marks of the Chosen on her body. How can a slave be Chosen? How can a woman bear the mark of a Warrior? And why does she insist that the wolf who follows her everywhere is actually nice doggy called Brutus?

Hmm...I'm not sure that qualifies as 'better', but it'll do for now. Hussah for new books!

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