Thursday, February 17, 2005

Congrats to my fab CP, Amy Edwards, who not only came first in her category for the Romancing the Tome contest, but also first overall - Grand Prize Winner - netting her fully paid conference fees! Now Amy, dear - hurry up and write some more, I wanna hear what happened next to the divine Gareth Ambrocio *drool*

Booked the Finn tickets today. Just me and Alysia going - Nick being out of the country. Probably in Gambia or something again. Can't he go to Spain, like a normal person? Also, can't he text/email back like a normal person? I asked if he was coming back this weekend a couple days ago, and then I sent a text to see if he was around tomorrow (Rich & Riv are playing in the village) and still nothing. Bah.

One month until my birthday. I'm getting so old! I'm gonna be forty!!!!!



  1. LOL, K8! Gareth's book would get finished a lot faster if he'd behave. And I really only won the contest because I learned the secret handshake. I'd teach it to you, but it doesn't translate well over the internet, and I'm much too lazy to set up a webcam (if I had one, which I don't).