Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Spent most of today covered in sulphuric acid 'cos the chittick apparatus seems to hate me. Most of the stuff sent up this morning was self-raising so it needed CO2s done - and most of it was Tesco, and they want CO2 on every sodding sample. Even Value, and I thought the point of Value was that it wasn't subject to such ridiculous testing. Grah. Then because bloody Jack reheated some three day old pizza and got sick it was just me until Stella got in, and she had to do his stuff until he got in, so I was doing all the CO2s by myself. Just when it quietened down in the afternoon (and Jack deigned to show up) I went to fetch some samples - Tesco SR, of course - and the plant started up again, sending me Organic bombs this time. All needing - you guessed it - CO2. Plus the chapatti white was coming out medium again, plus I was having to be on best behaviour and keep taking my earrings out whenever I went down to the mill because the auditors were around.

Oh. And I have stomachache.

Thanks for tuning into Flour Tales, more boring incomprehensible twaddle coming tomorrow. Gonna go download some EC smut now. Well, I need it for research! Smut is fun :D

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  1. Hey girl. I read it, just didn't want to annoy you with a billion and one comments! LOVE THE PINK ;)