Sunday, February 13, 2005

Ooh ooh! I'm gonna go see the Finns again. Woopetiwhoopetiewhoooo! I freaking love those guys. AND! It's at the Albert Hall - can we say best venue in the country? So long as you're not in the upper upper upper circle like I was with the Corrs, when I got vertiginous, lol.

Also, I think I might be able to get it as a birthday present. Pitched it to the 'rents who said it was too expensive for all four of us, so I said, okay, don't come then - I'll get Nick to come and then I can go stay at his place afterwards and not have to do the tube thing late at night. Although - dammit, if Alysia comes we can't do that, because she has to go to work the next day. Bugger. Oh well, it's doable - South Ken isn't that remote from Liverpool Street, is it? Oh bugger, actually it is. Well, I've done it before, and Alysia's brilliant at Tube things, and anyway, we can always go stay with Nick if we miss the last train ;)

Okay, today must write something. I wrote like a page of smut last night but I was too tired to do much else. This job thing is bloody exhausting. I was in bed by ten-thirty - how sad is that? I've lost my ability to sleep late too - I was awake by eight-thirty today! Waaaaah!

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