Sunday, February 13, 2005

Why are men so annoying? And grumpy. Fed up already with the brother being a grumpy sod after he broke up with his infant girlfriend; tried to do a nice thing by moving the modem, ergo computer, ergo rearranging room so he could get a better signal on his comouter and stop using mine. Okay, that was a selfish thing. Anyway. Now Dad, who has been in a grumpy mood all day, because of everything from the cheese being too strong to France beating us at Rugby (and that's another thing, why do they take sports results so personally? They didn't lose to spite you, Dad), tells me he can't get a signal on his laptop at all in his office. GRRRRR! I am not moving everything back, it's taken me all weekend, a weekend I really ought to have spent writing, since I'm working all week and too knackered to do it when I come home.

Graaah. Bloody men. So not in the mood to write anything now - although since Dark is being a moody bastard at this point in the Wip, maybe I should.

So I'm going to take a nice hot bath. Only - ooh, I can't, because Dad's going to want to have a shower after Mum's cut his hair. Why can't he go to a barber, like a normal person? Stupid weird family.

Okay, I lied about the rant being over.

Today's favourite song (it may make it to Song of the Week, you never know, I've loved it since Thursday) is Razorlight Golden Touch.

Ooh look, email from Patrick. So not in the mood to play right now. But then, savaging him is also fun.

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  1. Men are usually grumpier because they don't know how to communicate their feelings. They try to keep everything to themselves and so their emotions come out sideways, usually in anger.