Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Actually that's supposed to be 'nearly three months'. Jan 14th. Too depressed to type properly.

Positive comments include: good story, characters, prose, dialogue, sense of place, rounded characters, believable characters, great motivations. Bad points include: heroine too kooky, conflict not sustainable, heroine has no direction, too much sex.

So what's wrong with a blue-haired heroine? Hmmmmm? The only reason I'm not blue is because it'd make me look cyanotic, which is not a look I favour. I've been purple, pink, and pillar-box red though. Why is she inaccessible? Personally I find high-flying career business types totally inaccessible. What the fuck drives those women? They don't have any fun. A woman with blue hair and a petticoated skirt - she has fun.

And how the fuck can there be too much sex in a 'sensual romance'?

Bah. More St Petersburg vodka needed.

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  1. Good question. Have you thought about subbing to EC? Just a thought. (()) on the R. But, you're good. Keep on trucking!