Thursday, April 07, 2005

So, best cure for an R? Apart from chocolate and vodka, that is. Well, it's finalling in a contest, of course, with an untried (and as yet unfinished, eep!) story. And if you want the real funny: Temptation thought my story had too much sex. I just finalled in the Erotica category.

It's hard to type when you're rolling on the floor laughing.


  1. Didn't Crowded House's drummer die?

    Oh, don't mind me. Just fooling around with the "next blog" thingie hanging up there.

  2. Hey! yay for you! K8, you're too funny. Sorry you weren't interested in joining our little traveling journal. It would be fun! :) Good luck and hope you finish! Would love to read your erotica...always interesting to see what some publisher thinks is too sexy. :) He-he...yay for you!


  3. Kaitlin - the journal sounds great, but it would just cost waaay too much to send it back and forth across the pond. I didn't want to stick anyone with postage costs!