Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Lady Soldier

You are kindly invited to the blog party
to celebrate the official launch of
The Lady Soldier by Jennifer Lindsay
Tues 31st May thru to Wed 1st June 2005
please spread the word

First book published by someone I actually knew (I'm talking online acquaintance) while she was still submitting left, right and centre. Check out Kate Allan's blog - link down on the left. Yes, there are a lot of Kates around in this business. I've really got to get a pseudonym. Looks like a good book too (no, I'm not being kind - it actually does). A Napoleonic War-set story about a woman who disguises herself as a soldier to follow her sweetheart. Plenty of historical detail for those of us who've read too many Sharpe books (but they let me daydream about Sean Bean, I was helpless against it...)

Nick has kindly agreed to escort me to the launch party in Mayfair, because I really hate going places on my own - especially when I don't physically know anyone there. Should be good.

Off to watch DVDs with Alysia today. Do we know how to enjoy a bank holiday, or what?


  1. Hi Kate!

    I found my way here via The Lady Soldier party blog!

    We seem to have a lot in common... Erotic romance writing, chocolate, James Marsters, to name but a few! :)

    Have we met at a JM event? Or via the RNA? Or my blog? Maybe we have... and now I'm *very* embarrassed!

    Love, Wendy

  2. Nothing wrong with being called Kate and being an author! lol