Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Okay, not really, but why DO I have all these inspirational and Christian ads on my page? Where did my nice book group ads go to? I have nothing against Christian people. My country is owned by one. I just figure if Google/the advertisers/me are trying to get revenue from this, some more appropriate ads might be in order. I write sexy books and fantasy books, people. It's not really in the same ball park as Daily Devotions, now, is it?

Over the rejection. Now have somehow managed to get myself involved in the Bling Thing again. For those new readers who don't know (both of you), Blingmeister is a really, really awful record produced by my friend Nick and two mates of his while on holiday in Gambia. I think they must have been malnourished and certainly living on 'special' mushrooms when they wrote it, but anyway. It's freely acknowledged as being dreadful, so I'm not dissing the Blingcrew with this. In fact, I may be right in saying that its entire purpose is to be really, really bad.

Terry Wogan apparently likes it. Yeah, it's that bad.

Anyway, I got talked into filming a video for it last year. It involved wandering around Shepherd's Bush in a very tight pink dress, pretending that a guy with a beard in a pink shellsuit (the guy, not the beard) was really sexy. Go figure. Now Nick wants to do a live version (aaargh!) and somehow I've ended up doing this thing live on stage. In Saffron Walden. Which is ten miles from here and four miles fromthe school I (and Nick, and most of the Blingcrew) went to for, oh, seven years.

I must be insane. Truly. Maybe it's this cold. It's making me delirious...

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  1. I was reading pages about setting up C4 explosions from a US military handbook on the web the other week, and the banner ads were for organisations involved in peace and non-violence. I assumed Google was trying to tell me something ;-)

    Maybe you've been using too many rude words, so now it's trying to show you there is Another Way. Either that, or Google has a sense of the ridiculous ;-)