Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Contact lens trial

Because they are a trial right now! Took me nearly 20 mins to put them in just now (so late because I had to go pick up a spare one from the optician). It is only my second day. Yes, I managed to lose one on my first day. Found it again, but by then I'd already ordered a new one. Am still slightly aware of them just sitting there on my eyeballs. Also, my eye sockets just ache from all the pulling around of eyelids. Sure this can't be good for eye elasticity and stuff. I mean, I'm probably going to end up with bags and wrinkles, and all so I don't have to wear my glasses all the time. That's vanity for you.

Anyway. That done with: a plea for help. I (or rather my smut-writing alter-ego, Cat) need to set up a website. Since I know crap all about... anything, I need some advice! Where's the best place to buy a domain name? It is a good idea to buy it and then find a web builder? What web builders are good? Most of the ones I've seen give you a template to work with, and those templates are just ugly. I have a (pretty vague) idea of what I want it to look like and I can create my own images for the site. I do know a little bit about HTML (but only a little, it seems to catch me out an awful lot) so I can alter basic things like text and stuff.

Any ideas? Please help!

Oh, and just a little pimping of my writing buddy. Amelia Elias published her first erotic romance yesterday with Aphrodite Unlaced. It's clever, funny, romantic, and of course it's very, very hot. Click on the cover below to go to the site and buy it!

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