Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Well, some, anyway. It's still all a bit sketchy!

The story Changeling want to contract is an 11k erotic novella called She Who Dares, and it features Masika, a former Egyptian concubine, and Dare, the Greek soldier who loved her. Both having been sired as vampires more than two millenia ago, they meet again in modern London when Masika, now a private investigator and assassin, is hired to put an end to Dare's unlife.

I've been sent a contract to sign, and as soon as I've clarified a few points it'll be in the mail. Changeling Press (see link down on the left) reckon books are usually released 60-90 days after they're contracted. It's still really early days yet, but of course yours truly has grand aspirations for cover designs and websites. Oh - and if anyone can help me with purchasing a domain name and web design, I'd be really grateful! Free drinks in Reno in exchange for good advice.

Okay, off to enjoy the rest of the sunshine. It's been a really lovely day today. Since it's my mum's birthday we went for lunch in town, then shopped a while and I gave myself illusions of skinniness with a flouncy white Victoriana gypsy skirt. Looks like an explosion in a haberdashery. I love it!

Well, my Kronenbourg Blanc is calling, so I'll be off. Later - and thanks for all the congrats!

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