Monday, June 13, 2005

Previously on Days of the Insane

...the contract with Changeling. I finally got around to sending it off (thank you very m,uch, Post Office, for closing down the one I can walk to, and then deciding that Saturday afternoons are not a time when anyone will want to post anything. Hmm, bad grammar, but you get the idea). Hopefully it should be there before I go to Cornwall.

...Kate Allan's book launch party. It was a week ago, but since I woke up the next morning to an offer from Changeling I sort of forgot to tell anyone about it. But she's done it very well in her own blog. There's even a picture or two of me there.

...Amy's novella released with Aphrodite Unlaced. It was due out on Wednesday, but it's actually out today, so go pop by her blog, website, or Aphrodite Unlaced to take a look. It's called Three Wishes, it's written under the name Amelia Elias, and it's awesome. Trust me on this.

...Nick's party. Did I mention this? The theme was 'popstars' and yours truly went as Gwen Stefani. Alysia came with, and after a bout of "I can't be bothered to come in costume", made a total reversal and dressed up as one of Gwen's crazy Harajuku girls. Complete with blue and pink eye makeup. Gotta love that girl!

Needless to say, I got completely smashed and woke up on the floor. Spent all of yesterday feeling like death itself (FYI: if you're hungover and you have dog, make sure someone else will walk it. I was the only one in the house, the dog bullied me into it, and I felt like hell afterwards).

Here are some pictures. I'm having trouble uploading them all, but these aree pics from earlier on, before things started getting blurry.

Image hosted by
My Harajuku girl (imagine four of them... that's better)

Image hosted by
Me and my Harajuku girl

Image hosted by
Rolf Harris, aka Tom. Note the third leg. He even danced like that.

Hmm. Seems most of the good photos came after midnight, and I'm having trouble uploading from that date folder. So. Tune in later, for the next episode of Days of the Insane.

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