Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bad blogger

That's me, bad blogger, never updating. Well, I've been kinda busy lately - but at the same time can't really think of anything to say. Hmmm.

Honey seems to be doing better - matter of fact, she's running around the house looking ever so bored now we're not walking her. But vet's orders are vet's orders, and I'm not about to take a dog with a heart condition out on any kind of walk in this heat.

I'm horribly unprepared for Reno. All I've managed to do is buy a gigantic bright pink suitcase, with the rather feeble excuse that it'll be easier to spot on the baggage carousel. I did order a gigantic memory card for my camera (erm, perhaps that should read 'card with a gigantic amount of memory', not a card that's actually gigantic), off the internet, so I'm hoping it's going to arrive before Saturday. Or I have to run into town and buy one for a billion times as much.

Oh! I got a sample for my cover for SHE WHO DARES - no text or anything, just the background and figure, which looks really good. Generally I don't like Poser figures, but I think what I don't like the most is the faces, which always look so vacant. My cover (MY COVER) just shows Masika's back, and a very nice back it is too. I'm already planning out Magda's cover, and I've only written about six pages on her. Ahem.

Also I just read an email on the Changeling loop that had some release dates, and mine was one of them - so as soon as I've confirmed it with my editor (MY editor! etc) I'll be letting y'all know when you can rush out and buy it.

Off to a gig tonight - the boy is supporting... um... some Country singer I've never heard of, but apparently she's reasonably famous in her neck of the woods. Which is nice.

Off to hunt down my cowboy boots...

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  1. I'm posting your cave comment on my blog and you can't stop me. Well, yes you can. But only AFTER the fact.