Friday, August 19, 2005


Yes, squee again! Sophie got her first full request! I sent a partial to Piatkus after the senior ed. did a talk at the RNA conference, and today she emailed asking for the full. Result! Sophie's story is my baby, I had the most fun writing it (and all the sequels, ahem) and it's the one I really, really want to see in print!

In other news I finished Magda's story today. This is the next in the series after She Who Dares, and it's about Sundown's company secretary, who is a werewolf.

I also started work on the edits for Almost Human, which was requested by Ellora's Cave after it won the Fab Five contest. A couple of weeks ago I got a revisions request - fix all the faults and send it back to them! Such a lot of work to do. Actually I am mortified at the state of it - somehow the version that got sent out wasn't spellchecked and it's so full of typos. Added to which, somewhere all my italics got lost in translation, and I use a lot of italics! The words just simply weren't there. A sentence would read "Oh my God, he just touched my !" (you can insert your own italicised word there). Argh. Aaargh! So apart from actual plot/character type revisions, I need to go through and look for words that aren't there. And it's 70,000 words long! Probably more once I've rounded up all the missing words...

Gonna be busy for a while!


  1. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Good Luck, Cat. You'll do great!

  2. I'm very happy for you, your siccess is an insiration for the rest of us!

    I hope you become a huge star in the written word!