Monday, August 22, 2005


I forgot to upload this photo! Actually I look horrible in it, but SMG doesn't, because a) she never does and b) she's actually a waxwork anyway, so if ever there's a chance to look perfect, I guess this is it.

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You know what I wonder? If they downsized Marilyn's model, because according to legend she was actually my dress size (or possibly bigger: I can't seem to find two size chart in agreement to tranalate US-UK!), but her dummy was way skinnier. Curious. Does anyone know how tall she was? 'Cos that'd be a giveaway.


  1. K8, you've got to remember that Marilyn's weight went up and down a lot. If you watch her movies you'll see that. But she's considered big by today's standards but back in her day, they couldn't get enough of her. Think they knew something we don't?

  2. Anonymous3:22 am

    Really, SMG needs to put on some pounds.

  3. Um...those waxworks really creep me out after having seen House of Wax. *shudders*