Friday, August 26, 2005

Winner announced!

For those of you following the contest on my website, the winner has now been announced. (I did it at the beginning of today, rather than the end, because I want to go to the pub tonight. What? Two words, people: Beer. Festival.)

Congrats to Carrie, who won a free copy of She Who Dares, a cute Egyptian cat silver charm, and other SWD goodies.

In other news, I've (mostly) finished the edits on Almost Human, which I will send back to Ellora's Cave ASAP for their consideration. Fingers crossed! I'm also about 2/3 through editing the Piatkus submission too. When I'm done with that, I get to (deep joy) do some more editing, on Wolf's Bane, which is next in the Sundown, Inc. series. Maybe, just maybe, if I'm a very good girl, I might get to actually do some writing soon!

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